Comparison of Available Programs

The City of Garland's Community Development team utilizes a variety of home repair assistance programs for eligible residents. The programs are outlined below.

  1. Home Repair Program
  2. Code Cares
  3. Incentive Program

home repair program


low/moderate income households (<80% AMI)


  • emergency repairs
  • structural and life/safety (ex: HVAC, roof, electrical)
  • GHFC: may also cover severe exterior conditions such as wood rot/paint


  • no match
  • $25,000 cap

Funding Source

  • CDBG - $600,000
  • GHFC - $200,000

Goal of Program

  • allow vulnerable populations to stay in their homes
  • prevent neighborhood blight from severe neglect

For more information, contact Community Development at 972-205-2130 or by email at